As the only locally owned and operated full service water treatment company in the Low Country, we are proud to service Hilton Head Island, Savannah and the surrounding areas. 

With experience of over 85 years, Culligan Water is leading the way in developing new technology and advanced systems for water treatment, providing the most efficient solutions to battle everyday water problems.  

Where we operate

Culligan of the Low Country serve Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and the surrounding areas including Bluffton County, Beaufort County and Jasper County. We also proudly serve Savannah, Georgia as well as, Bryan county, Chatham County, Effingham County, Bulloch County, Liberty County, Long County, Ellabell, and Brooklet.

We offer bottled water, bottle water coolers, bottleless water coolers, water softeners and softening solutions, water filters and filtration systems, salt delivery, filtered and purified drinking water systems, customized Culligan water systems and deionization tanks to all the areas of the Low Country. Schedule your free in-home water test today and discover what is actually in your water.

As the water experts of Hilton Head Island & Savannah, Culligan of the Low Country understands our water. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality water solutions and uncompromised service to improve your water quality and experience.

Residential services

At Culligan of the Low Country, we aim to make things easy for you and your family, allowing you to enjoy high-quality filtered and purified water whenever and wherever you want. Culligan has been providing quality water systems and high-level service for over 85 years


Commercial & Industrial

Our expert water treatment services are not limited to residential customers but also include commercial and industrial services. As experts in advanced water filtration technology, Culligan of the Low Country is the ideal water solutions partner for your office, business, factory, or enterprise, no matter the size of your operation. Serving Hilton Head Island, Savannah and surrounding areas, we are committed to bring water treatment solutions to your business.



Culligan Aquasential Non-Backwashing Systems offer a lower cost option to efficiently provide filtered water for your entire home.


Smart HE Softener

Save time and money with the  Aquasential Smart High Efficiency Water Softener, with real- time updates when there is a change in water quality when it’s time for a salt delivery. 

Smart RO system

The Aquasential Smart RO Drinking Water System is the best choice to maintain your water consumption regimen and stay well hydrated.

Salt Free Conditioners

The Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner conditions your water and reduces scaling without salt or system backwashing.

Ascent 80 Bottle Free Cooler

The Culligan Ascent 80 Bottleless Water Cooler brings an unlimited supply of quality drinking water to your office.

 Access unlimited supply of ice and cold purified drinking water for your home, store or office.

Bottled Water Cooler

Equipped with temperature settings, you’ll enjoy the best bottled drinking water at your home or office.

Specialized high-quality water solutions to maintain your business’ high standards, keep your production moving and prolong the life of your equipment and machinery.