Culligan Water Products

Products available through Culligan of the Low Country,
serving Hilton Head Island, Savannah and surrounding areas, include:

Smart RO system

The Aquasential Smart RO Drinking Water System is the best choice to maintain your water consumption regimen and stay well hydrated.

Certified to remove more than 58 contaminants, including trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, lead, arsenic and bacteria that can be harmful to your health, your family can enjoy purified drinking water in your home with the Aquasential Smart RO System. Featuring built-in water quality monitoring, you will be confident that you are getting the perfect pour every time.

Smart HE Softener

Water softening for your entire home is easier than ever with the Aquasential Smart High Efficiency Water Softener. Save time and money by taking control of your water with our Aqua sensing technology and receive real time updates from your water softening system. Receive notifications when there is a change in water quality or alerts when it’s time for a salt delivery.



Our water filters are tailor made to your home’s water needs. Since we offer a large range of water filtration options, we use our water treatment knowledge and experience to help you choose the best filter for your needs.


Salt Free Conditioners

With its dual filtration system, the Culligan Salt Free Conditioner is an exceptional choice for those looking for salt free water conditioning. Without the need to backwash, this system does not need to connect to electricity or a drain, making it an environmentally friendly solution to prevent hard water build up in your home.


Ascent 80 Bottle Free Cooler

Enjoy the benefits of an office water cooler without the hassle of managing bottle deliveries or where to store those bulky bottles. With its touchless activation, not only will you enjoy clean water and better tasting coffee, but you will also benefit from clean, germ-free surfaces as well.


The Peak Combination Bottleless Water Cooler and Ice Maker is the most convenient water cooler for your home or office. Not only does it give you a choice of cold, hot or room temperature purified drinking water, it dispenses ice as well. Connecting directly to your water line, the peak bottleless water cooler is the perfect alternative for lifting and storing heavy 5 gallon water bottles. Featuring touchless activation, enjoy a more sanitary working environment as well.

Bottled Water Cooler

Equipped with temperature settings, you will enjoy cold, refreshing drinking water, as well as steaming hot water for coffee, tea and hot cocoa with our bottled water coolers. With a variety of modern and stylish designs, Culligan of the Low Country offers various options for your needs and budget.


Specialized high-quality water solutions to maintain your business’ high standards, keep your production moving and prolong the life of your equipment and machinery.


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