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Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner

The Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner conditions your water and reduces scaling without salt or system backwashing. The conditioner uses a two-step treatment process. The first is a Pre-Filter Tank with Carbon Media, followed by a second Anti-Scaling Tank using the CullACT Culligan Treatment Media. The Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner minimizes your water hardness, a common problem in Hilton Head Island, Savannah, and surrounding areas. By reducing hard water, the Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner helps your home appliances last longer, work more efficiently, and require less maintenance.

The main advantages of the Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner include low maintenance, 1″ plumbing connection, integrated bypass, environmental friendliness, and the system not requiring electricity or drain, as no backwashing is necessary.

The Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner comes in varying model sizes to accommodate different-sized homes, so you can find the right size irrespective of the size of your home.

The Culligan Salt-Free Conditioner is a perfect option for your working water needs. We recommend combining the Salt-Free Condition with one of our Aquasential RO purification systems so your family can enjoy great tasting water too.

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