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Residential Services

At Culligan of the Low Country, we aim to make things easy for you and your family, allowing you to enjoy high-quality filtered and purified water whenever and wherever you want. Culligan has been providing quality water systems and high-level service for over 85 years to Hilton Head Island, Savannah and the surrounding areas. Our services include:

Do you know what may be lurking in your water?

Culligan of The Low Country’s licensed water professionals will come to your home and provide you with a free water test to help you determine the best system for your specific water needs.

Culligan water softening and conditioning systems remove or condition the calcium and other hard minerals in your water, allowing soft water to flow through your home. With soft water, you will feel the difference in the quality of your working water for your appliances and plumbing, as well as personal everyday use such as showering and cleaning.

Using Culligan of the Low Country’s certified water softening system removes hard water found in local water supplies and wells. The Culligan Aquasential Smart HE softener, as well as the Select Series, prevent unwelcome buildup on your faucets, glass dishware, and bathroom fixtures. Our water softening system helps lengthen the lifespan of your larger water-using appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters.

During the cold winter months, hard water can increase your energy bill as it takes longer to heat. Our water softening systems are both cost, time, and energy efficient, as soft water makes washing and cleaning significantly easier. 

Hard water also affects the quality of your clothes, leaving mineral deposits that cause your clothes to fade faster over time. With our Aquasential water softening product line, your clothes will last longer, while maintaining their original, vibrant colors.

In addition to being cost- and energy-efficient, soft water keeps your skin and hair healthy and strong.

Our well-trained technicians maintain and optimize all of our products to keep them working  efficiently. With over 85 years of water softening expertise, our systems are certified by reputable third-party laboratories and are customizable to fit your budget and needs.

Purified reverse osmosis drinking water from your sink

Drinking water is essential for us to stay hydrated, giving us energy and strength to function through the day. The Culligan Drinking Water systems provide pure, clean, and safe water for your family, for brewing your coffee, making ice on a hot summer’s day, or keeping your kids happy and hydrated. Culligan of the Low Country has the drinking water system that best suits your family’s needs.

Staying hydrated is essential for survival, and for daily quality of life.  That said not all water is safe to drink. While our Culligan Water Softener Systems bring high-quality working water to your home appliances, for showering, and for maintaining your plumbing system, we recommend that your drinking water goes through a Culligan Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Bring purified, clean, and safe drinking water to your home to stay hydrated, brew your morning coffee, brush your teeth, make ice, and more. 

In order to understand the need for clean drinking water, it is important to understand the potential problems with your water supply. 

  • Clean from dangerous contaminants: Good drinking water must be free from contaminants such as sediment, heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals, chlorine, fluorine, and more. Culligan of the Low Country specializes in high-quality drinking water. Our water systems put your water through a series of treatments, purifications, and filtrations to remove various contaminants, leading to high-quality drinking water. Culligan Water is certified by third-party laboratories and organizations, and recognized for our high standards for quality drinking water.
  • Odor-free water: Water with a foul odor is off-putting and usually unsuitable for consumption. Culligan of the Low Country provides clear, odorless water for your home and office so that you can remain healthy and hydrated.
  • High-Quality Drinking Water: In most cases, we receive our water from our local municipality or from a water well on our property. While that water may be treated for specific dangerous contaminants and bacteria, the water is not always as safe for consumption. Without purification or filtration, the water you receive in your home may have sediment, bacteria, minerals, and chemicals that should not be consumed, such as chlorine, arsenic, lead, silica, and other contaminants. 

Here are some extra benefits of choosing Culligan Water to stay hydrated

  • Hydrates the whole body: Water helps you hydrate your body and helps boost physical and mental performance.
  • Regulates the body temperature: Water helps regulate your body temperature. It acts as a thermoregulator dissipating heat from your body.
  • Promotes bladder health: Drinking water has the ability to flush bacteria from your bladder. Healthy water drinking regimen can lead to a healthier and better functioning bladder.
  • Protects tissue, joints, and spinal cord: Drinking water can serve as lubricant and cushion for joints, keeping your tissues, spinal cords, and joints working at their peak functionality.

Contact us today to receive your free water test and explore the best water purification systems for you and your family.

Check and Inspect you water treatment system

Our expert technicians are ready to help with any water system repair and maintenance at your home and will have your water treatment system working efficiently in no time. Our service route includes salt delivery, setting or resetting time settings and sensors, checking bypass and salt levels, filter changes as needed, multipoint system inspections for leak, filling salt tanks, and checking for salt bridging in the tank.

Culligan of the Low Country offers home, commercial, and industrial water treatment services. Does your device need maintenance?


Contact us to arrange a visit from our trained service technicians for any repairs or required service.

Check and Inspect you water treatment system

Culligan Water’s salt products can be used in any water softening system, no matter the brand (but none are better than our Culligan water systems).

Culligan has been a trusted company by Hilton Head Island and Savannah, providing high-quality water and salt delivery for decades. Culligan salt can be used with any water softener, no matter the brand–but, of course, the Culligan Water Softener System should be your first choice.

Let Culligan of the Low Country do your heavy lifting and contact us when your salt supply runs low.

Our Culligan experts not only deliver to your home but fill the tank for you. We also offer service and maintenance checks such as system’s timer settings, leak checks, salt tank water-level verifications, bypass mechanism inspections, and even taking the salt bag for you when done. Our delivery experts ensure your system is working perfectly before leaving your home.

No need to stress when your salt is finished. Our Culligan expert will recommend a salt delivery schedule so that you never need to worry when your supply runs low.

Safe drinking water for your family

Well water is a common water source in the Hilton Head Island and Savannah areas serviced by Culligan of the Low Country. Well water can face many issues and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate privately-owned well water. Culligan of the Low Country helps make your well water safe for drinking and use.

It’s important to note that boiling your well water does not remove all contaminants. You might be able to kill microorganisms in your well water, but you cannot eliminate the non-living chemicals, particles, and sediments in your water. At Culligan of the Low Country, we have specific customized solutions for every well, depending on the test results carried out by our experts.

Safe drinking water for your family

If you are searching for a salt-free alternative to condition your water, our Culligan Salt-Free Water Conditioner is the solution for you. Culligan of the Low Country offers a salt-free conditioning system with whole-house filtration, giving you fantastic water at every faucet.

Culligan salt-free conditioners are energy-saving, as they help remove limescale and other deposits, making your appliances work more efficiently. The added benefit is that this can all be done without access to electricity or any need for drainage for backwashing.

Contact Us at Culligan of the Low Country to get started with a free water test and to discuss our Culligan solutions.